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Best Cartagena Boat Rentals

Do you want to go out to sea on your own private yacht, motorboat or catamaran? Renting a boat in Cartagena is undoubtedly the best way to appreciate the impressive natural beauty of the surroundings. Cartagena boat rentals has it for you and your friends, so you can enjoy your trip to the Rosario Islands. Just name your size, budget, and occasion, and we’ll fix everything else for you. We also provide all the important bilingual concierge services, to make sure you are at ease throughout your stay in our beautiful ships.

Cartagena boat rentals | We have the best Cartagena captains available and we can connect you to the most elegant and best equipped boat in town. Whether you’re looking for a small boat to tour the islands, a sailing boat to hang out in the bay with your friends, or even a huge yacht charter. Cartagena Yacht Rental has every type of maritime package you can dream of. For some clients, we have held large-scale bachelor parties with all the toys available with nothing missing.

Our luxurious package for renting a boat includes a DJ to liven up the party with the hottest music, a professional chef who will repair all kinds of national or international dishes, jet skis or helicopter rides, and our concierge who will be available to you 24 hours a day. hours of the day. Our staff will make sure you don’t worry about anything, just relax, sunbathe and enjoy the best of Cartagena Yacht Rental.

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What do you think now about renting a boat in Cartagena? Without a doubt, it is a very tempting option and best of all, it is quite cheap if we compare the prices of the beaches of Miami Beach. As we already told you, we adapt to any budget and show you the best options.

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