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Yacht or Catamaran?

Welcome to our Cartagena Yacht Rental, the best group when it comes to boat rental, support you to choose the best. Not everyone handles the differences between yachts, catamarans and other boats, so we will explain some related concepts.


This much sought after pleasure boat is similar to a sailboat. She has a rig and is driven by the force of the wind. The difference is that the catamaran has two hulls joined by a rigid structure.

This modification has two advantages. On the one hand, it provides a lot of extra space to both hulls and in the luff between them. On the other, she is a very stable boat since she cannot tilt more than 5 degrees, unlike the sailboat, which can tilt up to 25 degrees.

The catamaran can have two engines, while the sailboat can only have one. This feature also makes it very maneuverable, being able to make turns of up to 360 degrees.

Another difference is that sailboats are ideal for anchoring in marinas. The catamaran, on the other hand, is perfect for anchoring in shallow coves and bays.


The definition of a yacht is given by its purpose, which is that of a pleasure boat intended for leisure and fun regardless of its size. If we take into account that the definition is based on its use, the rest of its characteristics are secondary aspects.

For this reason, a yacht can be a boat with one or two hulls, with sail or motor propulsion and made of any material (wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel or carbon fiber).In theory, the size of this boat is not what defines it, but the comforts it offers are. In this sense, you must have a kitchen, at least a bathroom with a door, enough storage space and at least one closed cabin, as well as a common area. In order to meet these requirements, more than 10 meters in length are usually needed.

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