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Cholon Yacht Party

Let’s go to your Yacht party in Cartagena, but where are we going, will we simply cross the Caribbean Sea or will we not leave the port? I do not believe it. Near Baru in Cartagena, there is a wonderful island called Cholon, this place full of mangroves and crystal clear waters is 40 minutes by yacht from the heart of Cartagena.

In Cholon there are no summer vacations which are once a year, here we celebrate every weekend and every holiday that can be celebrated in Colombia, in fact there are approximately 28 a year. So weekends are usually tied with the day on Monday. If it is to celebrate, Colombians know very well how to do it.

Why should you go to Cholon?

yacht party cartagena

This island has become one of the best attractions near Cartagena. This place is well known for its popular parties on yachts, boats or sailboats. In front of the beach area there is a double line of huts buried in the water with palm roofs, here you can arrive by boat and party with all the people who come to the area, especially very sexy women.

The Yachts form a kind of large semicircle where everyone enjoys good music from their boats, creating a great party atmosphere.

Can you go to Cholon right now?

yacht party cartagena

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, the Island of Cholon was closed due to this health emergency, when some beaches in Cartagena reopened, the island remained closed, however, on January 9 of this year the opening of Cholon was announced.

However, and despite the fact that the health emergency has been passing, it is important to keep in mind the biosecurity protocols. The most important thing for us is that you celebrate like never before in your life with your friends.

Our Yachts

yacht party cartagena

Our Yachts in Cartagena are perfectly equipped for the party with nothing missing, the captain, the DJ and the Concierge will be with you at all times to make sure that everything goes perfect.

The only way to get to Cholo is by boat, so the trip with us is guaranteed. We leave Cartagena at 8 in the morning and will be returning to the mainland at 4 in the afternoon, so we have 8 uninterrupted hours of celebration, and then at night we go to a nightclub.

So, we start planning the trip? Your party on our yacht in Cartagena will be so epic that when you return home you will arrive with a big smile. So schedule with us now and let’s start taking a look at your budget and everything we can do with it. To your health!

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